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Are you free this summer and finally have time to invest in art? Check out our summer term schedule!

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Whether you're continuing from fall or just joining us, this semester offers an enriching experience for all!

Welcome to Bash & Design Gallery's Art Programs! Discover our year-round weekly art classes designed for children ages 4 to 17 and adults. Located at 215 and South Buffalo, our classes are the perfect opportunity to ignite your creativity. With 1.5-hour sessions (some 2 hours), you can join us at any time throughout the year.  We host art exhibitions and events exclusively for our students, fostering a supportive and inspiring environment. You'll truly feel like a part of our creative family! While you have the flexibility to join at any time, we highly recommend committing from the beginning to the end of the term to maximize your artistic growth and experience. 

New to Bash & Design Gallery? Free trials available when you register below!

Embark on a truly transformative artistic journey by enrolling in more than one program a week at Bash & Design Gallery. This approach isn't just about variety; it's about immersing yourself deeply in the world of art and accelerating your growth and skills. By participating in multiple classes, you'll gain a broader perspective, diverse techniques, and a more profound understanding of different art forms

Maximize Your Artistic Potential with Multiple Programs (*works as sibling discount)

Enroll into 2 Programs, Get 10% off

Enroll into 3 to 4 Programs, Get 15% off

Enroll into 5 or more Programs, Get 20% off

NEW SPRING 2024 DROP-IN Discounts :

2-5 Drop-ins get 15% off

6+ Drop-ins get 20% off

What to do next?
Scroll through our schedule (organized Monday-Saturday)
Find the program, time and age group that suits you
Click "More Info" for description and registration
Select enrollment by Semester where monthly payments are available
or by Drop in where you pay by each class. 

Semester rates get automatically prorated. The pricing you see always reflects the current rate for the remainder of the program.


All full time students become eligible for our art exhibitions!

Click on the link to see our last event!

Please note we host end of the year ticketed art exhibitions, those tickets are not included in your tuition. We try our best by finding sponsors for our events, so if you know anyone who is interested please send them our way!


Unlock better value with our full semester programs at just $45-$50 per class, compared to $60-$70 for single drop-ins. Our courses are designed for ongoing learning, not just one-offs, which is why the full semester offers the best discount. Interested in drop-in sessions? Sign up for multiple consecutive classes to receive a substantial discount and make the most of your learning experience.

Our Commitment to Individual Growth: The Value of Age-Specific Art Classes

We believe in age-appropriate learning for the best artistic and social development. Our small class sizes allow us to personalize projects to match varying skill levels within each age group.

Being advanced in your age group is an opportunity, not a setback. Our instructors are ready to challenge and grow such talents further.

Enrolling younger kids in older groups can impact their social development. Our age-specific classes focus on artistic, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Our instructors continually assess and adapt to each student's needs. If we find that a different class would better suit your child, we'll let you know promptly.

Your support in helping us maintain this balanced and nurturing environment is invaluable. Thank you for trusting us with your child's artistic and social journey!


Questions you might have!

How to Register for a Class?

Click "more info" on your chosen class and dive into the details. Choose between committing to a full semester or trying a single drop-in session. Remember, enrolling in consecutive sessions brings delightful discounts. And hey, first-timers get a free trial!

Need to Withdraw from the Payment Plan? No worries, life happens! For all the details on withdrawals, kindly visit our studio policy page.


Payment Options: Full Year or Monthly? You're in the driver's seat! Opt for a one-time annual payment or enjoy the flexibility of monthly installments. Just a heads-up: installment plans have a tiny 3% surcharge.

What's a Drop-in Session Like? Think of it as a test drive for our classes. It’s a one-off session to get a taste of our creative environment. Remember to reserve your spot in advance!

Understanding Class/Semester Durations Our art programs sync with the school year: August-December, January-May, and a sunny Summer session.

Personal Projects in Our Classes? Absolutely! We’re here to fan the flames of your creativity with expert guidance and skill-building. Want more personalized attention? Check out our private sessions.

Curious About a Free Trial Class? We welcome new students to try a session on the house. Plus, when you sign up for multiple sessions, the discounts automatically kick in.

How to Save on Classes? Bulk buying isn’t just for groceries! Register for several sessions and watch the discounts roll in.

What Will We Create in Class? Our classes are a mixed bag of artistic adventures, not just one-off projects. Each session is a step towards mastering a new technique. It's about the journey, not just the destination.

Bringing Art Supplies? We suggest bringing 9x12 sketchbook. We supply the rest – top-notch and ready for your creativity!

Can Parents Hang Around? We love your enthusiasm, but our classes are a parent-free zone to help little artists spread their wings. Don't worry, we host family days for joint artistic escapades!

Joining an Older Group: Can My Child Do It? Certainly possible! Let's chat if you're an existing family with us. New to our studio? Start in the age-appropriate group, and we can consider adjustments later.

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