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An elegant art studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A social place where art enthusiasts, emerging & established artists come together

Art Programs. Artwork for Sale. Art Exhibitions & Events. 

Imagine yourself in an art studio, surrounded by beautiful artwork and creative minds. Here, you can spend your time learning new art skills with the help of experienced instructors while enjoying a cup of tea or a snack. No distractions or obligations here – just peace, tranquility and an escape into the world of art. Create something special without worrying about the outside world – this is the place to be for all aspiring artists! Let us show you what we have to offer at our Bash & Design Gallery!

It's not just about art it's about your experience.

About our Art Gallery & Studio 

Greetings from the heart of Las Vegas! We're thrilled to introduce you to Bash & Design Gallery, a creative oasis founded by the dynamic mother-daughter team, Maria "Masha" Ermolaeva and Ekaterina. More than just an art studio, we're a place where passion for art education and community engagement comes alive.

Our Inspirational Beginning

Our story began during the challenging times of the pandemic, when we saw a crucial need for a nurturing art space in our local community. Driven by our shared vision, we opened Bash & Design Gallery not just as a venue for art but as a sanctuary for creative minds to learn, grow, and connect.


Masha and Ekaterina: The Dynamic Duo Behind Bash & Design Gallery

At the forefront of Bash & Design Gallery stand Maria "Masha" Ermolaeva and her daughter Ekaterina, a formidable mother-daughter team whose diverse talents and visions have sculpted the gallery into a haven of art and education.

Masha is not just the Creative Director of our gallery; she is a fine art artist of extraordinary talent and renown. Her artwork, deeply inspired by the majestic landscapes of South Sakhalin and Siberia, showcases a level of skill and artistry that is truly exceptional. Masha's journey in art began in her early childhood and has since evolved into a career marked by recognition and inspiration.

Although Masha personally teaches a select number of classes and leads specialty workshops, her influence extends far beyond her own sessions. She plays a crucial role in mentoring our professional artist instructors, ensuring that her educational philosophy and passion for art are imparted consistently across all our courses. Masha’s classes are a sought-after experience, offering students a rare opportunity to learn from a master whose approach to art is as unique and refined as her creations.

Ekaterina, armed with a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality, Meetings, and Events from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, brings an invaluable blend of operational expertise and marketing acumen to the gallery. Her extensive experience in customer service within the hotel industry, combined with her prowess in international social media marketing for organizations like UFC, ensures that the gallery operates seamlessly. Ekaterina's diverse skills contribute significantly to creating an environment where art education and customer experience are in perfect harmony.

Together, Masha and Ekaterina create an atmosphere at Bash & Design Gallery that is unmatched - a place where art is not only taught but is lived, felt, and revered. Their combined efforts make the gallery a distinguished landmark for those seeking an enriching journey in the world of art.


A Touch of Luxury in Every Experience

While education and community are at our core, we believe in adding a touch of luxury to your artistic journey. Our studio is designed to make every visit special, ensuring that you're not just learning art but experiencing it in an environment that elevates and inspires.

Art Education for All

We are proud to offer a variety of courses and workshops for artists of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're picking up a brush for the first time or refining your existing skills, our team of experienced instructors, handpicked for their expertise and alignment with our educational philosophy, is here to guide you.

Join Our Artistic Family

At Bash & Design Gallery, you're more than just a visitor - you're part of a community that values art, education, and personal growth. Our doors are open to all who wish to explore their creativity in a supportive, inspiring, and yes, luxurious setting. We invite you to join us on this artistic journey, where every class, every interaction, and every creation is a step towards discovering the endless possibilities of art.

About us

There is something for everyone...

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