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Starting Tuesday, May 28th!  
Choose Any Week!

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Drawing |  Painting | Clay | Mixed Media | Specialty Camps for Dedicated Art Enthusiasts

For Ages 5 & up

This summer, Bash & Design Gallery in Las Vegas invites kids of all ages to embark on an artistic journey like no other. Our Summer Art Camp is tailored to spark creativity, build artistic skills, and nurture the imagination of young artists across three distinct age groups: 5-7, 8-10, and 11+. With options for morning, afternoon, or full-day experiences, every child can find their perfect creative outlet.

Weekly Camp from:  May 28th - Aug 16th | Join any week that works for you! 

Weekly Camp Times:
Monday - Friday
Morning Half Day: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm 
Afternoon Half Day: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
All Day: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

(lunch from 12:00 - 12:45 pm) complimentary snack provided.
TO BOOK FULL DAY: Reserve morning & afternoon sessions separately

Want to learn more about our Summer Camp? Read our latest blog "A Day in the Life at Bash & Design Summer Art Camp"

Weekly Layout of Standard Art Camp for Morning & Afternoon

Monday - The Art Book Experience: The week kicks off with the Art Book Experience, a day dedicated to exploration and discovery across a wide array of art materials, mediums, and genres for students of all age groups. This day is about hands-on learning and excitement, preparing students for the week ahead with a broad introduction to the art world.

Tuesday - Drawing Camp: This day is centered on drawing, guided by Masters of the Arts. Students will delve into perspective, still life, figure, and portrait drawings, honing their skills with a variety of materials such as charcoal, graphite, Prismacolors, chalk and oil pastels, and pen and ink. The focus and materials may vary each week, offering a rich learning experience.

Wednesday & Thursday - Two-Day Projects (must register for both days): For these two days, students embark on in-depth projects that allow them to apply their skills over a sustained period. This immersive approach fosters a deeper understanding of the creative process. Students will explore painting, potentially in combination with markers and other mediums, encouraging them to engage fully with their work, discuss ideas, and develop their artistic vision.

Friday - Mixed Media (Clay): The week concludes with a day dedicated to mixed media, with a special focus on clay. This session allows students to explore and experiment with clay as a medium, encouraging creativity, texture, and form in their artistic expressions.

Different Projects Morning & Afternoon

Break Time: Enjoy art, games, dancing, and more! First snack break on us, featuring fresh fruit and other treats. Kids love it!

Exciting new themes, projects, and a fresh weekly layout await!
Returning campers, rejoice: Our projects never repeat!

Morning & Afternoon Standard Camp Themes
Week 7 (July 8th - July 12th): Safari Animals & Scenery
Week 8 (July 15th - July 19th): Pokemon & Anime week
Week 9 (July 22 - July 26th): School of Wizards with Harry Potter, Unicorns, Castles & more!
Week 10 (July 29th - August 2nd): It's Jurassic Time!
Week 11 (August 5-9th): Disney & Pixar Fan Art
Week 12 (August 12-16th): Your Everyday Adventures: Sport, Dessert, About me board for school, Pets, etc. 

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 Additional Specialty Afternoon Camp Options Available (please check schedule for availability)

Secondary Afternoon Specialty Camps are immersive programs for young artists to deepen their skills in character design & 3D sculpting, creative painting & drawing or in depth drawing. Ideal for those eyeing art school or seeking a creative hobby, these camps allow apprenticeship with experienced artists in a fun, focused setting. With projects that span several days, campers of all skill levels can explore art intensively, benefit from personalized attention in small groups, and enjoy a vibrant community atmosphere that fosters social interaction and collaboration.

Creative Choice: Personal Project Afternoon Camp Ages 9+

Dive into our Specialty Afternoon Camps for a focused art experience, perfect for full-day attendees or afternoon-only participants. This weekly camp invites campers ages 9 and older to engage in deep creative projects, from advanced drawing to expressive painting. Campers choose their project, working on larger canvases or paper over 3+ sessions with guidance from our skilled instructors. Learn complex compositions, color theory, and more. Full-week enrollment required, no drop-ins. Ideal for those eager to expand their artistic skills and express their unique style.

Drawing Camp

Our Drawing Summer Camp caters to all levels, from beginners to intermediates. Start with basic exercises to learn about drawing materials and techniques for observation, photographs, and imagination. Explore drawing with charcoal, graphite, oil pastels, Prismacolors, and more under the guidance of art masters, covering still life, figures, and portraits. Advanced students can take on complex compositions and themed projects. Enhance your illustration skills in a creative, supportive environment. This is great for the drawing lovers or those looking to advance their skills


Pop up camp: Fashion Camp with Fashion Show 

Fashionista Art Camp: Ultimate Design Experience

Dive into a week of ultimate creativity with our Fashionista Art Camp! Campers design outfits for hand-painted, on-canvas dolls, craft trendy accessories, and even design their own t-shirts. Using a variety of materials like paint, paper, scissors, and clay, this camp offers the full spectrum of fashion design. The adventure culminates in a Fashion Show, showcasing each camper's unique creations. It's the perfect playground for young designers to explore and express their style!


Pop up camp: Princess Camp

Princess Art Camp, where young royals craft their fairy tale through art! Dive into princess-themed projects, from canvas paintings to clay sculptures, and create charming accessories. Each day offers a new realm of creativity and enchantment.

The adventure culminates in a grand Princess Ball on Friday, where campers showcase their royal artworks and enjoy a special visit from a princess. It's a dazzling finale to a week of imagination, artistry, and magic. Don't miss this royal artistic journey, filled with creativity and fairy tale dreams come true!

Specialty Pop Up Workshop & Additional Camp Options (scheduled separately in our schedule and labeled "Specialty Camps" 
Week 8: Second Camp Option (July 15-19th): Drawing Camp
Week 10: Second Camp Option (July 29th - August 2nd): Fashion Camp ages 5-8
Week 11: Second Camp Option (August 5-9th): Princess Camp & Princess Ball

Camp Rates

Make a deposit now, don't pay the rest until May!

Single Half Day Drop in Session 3 hour: $80 (get more than one to activate a discount)

Discounts for Drop-ins Sessions
Drop in (Please place drop in orders separately from weekly camps in order to activate an automatic discount
Buy 2-5 sessions at the same time for 12% off 

Buy 6-9 sessions at the same time for 15% off 
Buy 10+ sessions at the same time for 20% off

Weekly Half Day Rate (5 Days Total): $320 

Discounts for Weekly Camps
Buy 2-3 weekly camps at the same time for 10% off 
Buy 4 or more at the same time for 15% off 

Week of full day camp: $576

*Please enroll into morning & afternoon sessions separately for an automatic discount!

Is your kiddo participating in the Engineering for Kids camp, and are you wondering how they will come to us later or vice versa?  Here's how it works: Kids will have lunch (please ensure it's peanut-free), then one of our team members will escort them to their next camp destination, which is conveniently located right next door. Parents don't need to return; it's a fantastic experience!

Spaces are limited  & our groups are small!
Any questions?
Please email or call/text: 702-742-1110

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