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Painting Workshops for All Levels

Painting Workshops for All Levels with Maria Ermolaeva, also known as Masha
Unleash your inner artist and join us in our Painting Workshops for Adults! Every third or fourth week of the month, we host painting workshops in a creative and relaxed atmosphere. With professional and novice artists by your side, you’ll have the chance to pick up new skills from a variety of brush techniques. From an array of art genres to choose from, you’re sure to be inspired with these colorful masterpieces. What better way to get away from reality than with a glass of wine or coffee combined with an unforgettable experience? Our experienced art teachers will ensure you are mentored and nurtured throughout your journey - we guarantee that you’ll walk away with not only an impressive piece of artwork but also newfound confidence in your skill! So why wait? Sign up now – who knows where it can take you?

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About Maria Ermolaeva - Masha

Maria Ermolaeva, also known as Masha when it comes to her artwork, is a professional artist whose work can be found in the homes of many private collectors. She is the art director of an elegant art studio in Las Vegas called Bash and Design Gallery that offers art programs for kids and adults. Masha received her art education in Russia and has been a passionate artist from as long as she remembers. In addition to being an artist, she also holds a degree in elementary education. Maria has had a great deal of experience owning and operating a successful fairy tale cafe for kids back in Russia. Now she is sharing her knowledge of art with others through the programming offered at Bash and Design Gallery. You can see much of Masha's artwork around the gallery - most of it on oversized canvases. Her favorite medium is oil but she enjoys working with other mediums as well.

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