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Welcome to 

Bash and Design Gallery, where we believe that art is not just a skill, but a form of expression that can have a profound impact on people's lives. Our passion for art education comes from a shared experience of recognizing the lack of opportunities for children and adults to explore their creativity in our local Las Vegas community. It was our mission to create a space where people could come and learn, be inspired and ultimately express themselves in a positive and supportive environment.

As a mother-daughter team, we started Bash and Design Gallery because we saw the need for more art education opportunities in our local Las Vegas community. We opened our doors in the midst of the pandemic, with uncertainty looming over us, but we knew that our community needed us. Witnessing the positive impact of our classes and workshops on our students' mental health and well-being, we realized the power of art and how it can truly change lives.

At Bash and Design Gallery, we believe that art is essential for the growth and development of our youth. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive space where artists of all ages and skill levels can learn, create, and grow. Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to helping our students discover their artistic potential through a variety of courses and programs that cater to both kids and adults.

Our courses are designed to improve memory and attention, fine motor skills, and cognitive thinking, making them a great choice for kids and adults alike.

So why wait? Unleash your creative potential and join us at Bash & Design Gallery for an art adventure you won't forget!

We're more than just an art studio

At Bash & Design Gallery, we're more than just an art studio – we're a community of artists dedicated to supporting and inspiring each other's creative endeavors.

One of the ways we do this is by hosting art exhibitions for our students to showcase their work. These exhibitions provide a platform for our artists to share their talents with the community and receive feedback and recognition for their hard work.

But showcasing student artwork isn't just about celebrating their achievements – it's also an important step in the creative process. Exhibiting their work helps our students gain confidence in their abilities, encourages them to continue growing as artists, and gives them the opportunity to learn from the feedback of their peers and professionals.

Overall, hosting art exhibitions is just one of the many ways that Bash & Design Gallery sets itself apart as a unique and supportive art studio. We believe that by fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities for our students to showcase their work, we can help them reach their full potential as artists.


At Bash & Design Gallery, you'll find a wide range of art classes and activities to suit your interests, such as:

  • Art programs and workshops: Enhance your skills and explore new mediums through our diverse selection of art programs and workshops.

  • Private and family events: Host a private event or class for individuals or families, providing a personalized and intimate setting for art-making.

  • Events away from the studio: In addition to hosting events at the gallery, we also offer the option to bring art classes and activities to different locations.

  • Art exhibitions: Showcase your work and receive feedback and recognition at one of our student art exhibitions.

  • Art camps: Our art camps offer a fun and immersive art experience for kids during school breaks or holidays.

  • Artwork for sale: Bash & Design Gallery also serves as a venue for artists to sell their work (current students & instructors/artists only)

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