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Glossary of Programs by Bash & Design Gallery 

Welcome to our studio! On this page you will find brief description and samples of students' work for each class. It's a great way to see what program suits you or your little one's interests. We suggest starting with Painting & Drawing. Never been to our studio and want to check out a class? No problem, register for a free trial for any class and our professional team will make a suggestion after meeting you if needed. When registering for a drop in, please register for at least 2-3 consecutive sessions to truly benefit from our uniquely structured classes. Have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Painting, Drawing & Mixed Media (Intro to Art) for ages 4-7

This class is more than just fun and exploration; it's crucial for developing fine motor skills. Through engaging projects featuring animals, landscapes, and abstract art, we use materials like pastels, paints, clay, and pencils. These sessions boost hand-eye coordination, shape and color understanding, and introduce fundamental art elements such as line composition and shading. Plus, kids enjoy playtime during breaks, adding a joyful balance to their learning experience. With small class sizes, each child receives personalized attention, supporting their artistic development and confidence.

painting drawing mixed media.png

Painting & Drawing Programs

This foundational class is where you should start, introducing you to basic forms, light, and essential techniques. Discover the joy of art in our Painting & Drawing course, ideal for young artists of any skill level. Starting with basic forms and light, our expert instructors will guide you through essential techniques in proportions, perspective, and more. You'll experiment with various mediums like pencil, acrylics, and watercolors, honing your skills in realistic drawing and painting. As you advance, explore creative freedom with personal projects, deepening your artistic expression.

painting & drawing.png

Drawing Programs

Drawing Foundations class, ideal for pre-teens, teens, and adults. Mastering drawing is essential, as it lays the groundwork for advanced skills in painting and other art forms. This course focuses on fundamental techniques like form, shadow, and composition, enhancing your creativity and observation. Without a solid drawing foundation, excelling in painting can be challenging.


Portrait (Oil Painting) 

Oil-based Portrait Painting course, ideal for aspiring artists aged 12 and up. Recommended as a follow-up to foundational drawing classes, this course can also complement other beginner programs. You'll learn to create lifelike portraits, focusing on shape, tone, and the interplay of light and shadow. Under the guidance of our experienced instructor, Nat, you'll gain insights through weekly demonstrations, learning techniques to achieve depth, realism, and accurate proportions. From mastering oil paint textures to understanding color theory, this course offers a comprehensive journey into capturing the essence of your subjects. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, join us for an enriching experience in portrait art!


Exploring Art Techniques. Art Journey for ages 12+

An advanced artistic voyage with 'Exploring Art Techniques', a program especially suited for those with some foundational experience, taught by Masha, the co-owner and founder of Bash & Design Gallery. Dive into diverse mediums such as pencils, acrylics, oils, and pastels, moving beyond basic skills to expand your creative and technical abilities. This course emphasizes innovation in color, composition, and subject matter, allowing you to experiment and break away from traditional methods. Structured in detailed 2-hour sessions, it offers a deep dive into art, fostering continuous development. Ideal for artists seeking to refine their craft under the guidance of a seasoned professional in a collaborative and inspiring setting.

art journey.png

Fashion Design Programs

Discover the world of fashion through art with our two-tiered Fashion Design program at Bash and Design Gallery. For younger children, our introductory Fashion Design Class merges art with the excitement of fashion, teaching them to design on-canvas mannequins and create custom shirts mirroring their designs. This course enhances fine motor skills and introduces them to the basics of fashion, using a variety of materials like paper, canvas, and fabric.

For older or more advanced students, 'Fashion Class Part 2' takes this creative journey further. Building on the foundations laid in Part 1, this advanced course deepens their understanding of fashion design. Students get to experiment with sewing, acrylics, markers, and more, bringing their unique fashion visions to life. This hands-on experience, under the guidance of our experienced instructors, nurtures their skills in creating garments and accessories, perfect for budding fashion enthusiasts.

Both programs are designed to ignite creativity and develop artistic skills, offering a comprehensive approach to fashion and design for different age groups and skill levels

Fashion Design + Fashion Design Sewing .png

Mixed Media, Clay Work, and Decorative Sculpting Program

Explore the art of three-dimensional creativity in our Mixed Media, Clay Work, and Decorative Sculpting class at Bash and Design Gallery. We offer programs or workshops ideal for artists of all ages, this program enhances artistic skills, imagination, and cognitive abilities through hands-on clay and mixed media projects. Students will learn to design everything from lifelike sculptures to decorative art, benefiting from improved focus, motor skills, and self-expression. Our experienced instructors provide personalized guidance, ensuring a nurturing and therapeutic art-making experience. Enroll for a transformative journey in art, and bring home unique, handmade decor crafted by your own hands.

mixed media, decorative (1).png

Oil Painting 

Oil Painting Mastery program for ages 15 and up. Ideal for both beginners and experienced painters, this course delves into drawing fundamentals and the captivating world of oil painting. Learn to master color theory, brushwork, light and shadow principles, and create personal color palettes. Our step-by-step approach guides you from monochromatic painting to more complex compositions, enhancing your ability to capture depth and dimension. We recommend 6-8 consecutive sessions for a comprehensive experience. 


Personalized Art Study (NEW, great for portfolio development)

Personalized Art Study' program, perfect for individual creative development and tailored art portfolio preparation. Designed for a small group of only five students per session, this program offers personalized guidance, making it ideal for anyone, especially those preparing for art school applications.

Our skilled instructors mentor each artist, creating a bespoke curriculum that caters to your unique focus, whether you're a newcomer or building on skills from our group classes. Experiment with various mediums like charcoal, pen & ink, watercolor, and acrylic, across different styles and subjects. Choose to replicate masterpieces or draw inspiration for original works. Need more hours, ask us.

personalized art study.png

Tuesday Night Class for Adults: Skill Building

Tuesday Night Class for Adults at Bash and Design Gallery, specially designed for those aged 18 and up. Guided by Masha, our co-owner and seasoned instructor, this class marries educational art fundamentals with the opportunity for creative self-expression. As you progress and gain confidence through our four-session projects, we welcome and encourage you to add your personal twist, under Masha's supportive guidance. While the focus remains on learning and mastering techniques, individual creativity is always embraced.

tuesda night for adults_ skill building.png

Digital Art

Dive into our 'Intro into Digital Art' class, ideal for those with a foundation in traditional art. In this course, you'll transition your skills to the digital realm using Procreate on iPads, focusing on creating original artworks from digital references. Learn to craft unique digital pieces, from landscapes to characters, in a hands-on environment. Enhance your creativity and master the digital art world with us!


Cartoon & Anime Programs

Discover the dynamic worlds of Cartoon & Anime with our two distinct programs at Bash and Design Gallery, designed for different skill levels.

  1. Cartoon & Anime Foundations: Ideal for budding artists aged 9-12, this course is a fantastic introduction to drawing anime and cartoon characters. Students learn to sketch, ink, and color using various mediums like pencils and markers, all while understanding basic anatomy and drawing techniques. It's a perfect starting point for those new to the world of animated characters.

  2. Cartoon & Anime Character Design: For those with foundational knowledge, this advanced class delves deeper into character creation and design. Students enhance their skills in anatomy and proportions, translating references into unique, captivating characters. The focus here is on empowering students to develop their own character design projects from start to finish.

Both programs benefit greatly from concurrent enrollment in a drawing program, as mastering traditional drawing techniques can significantly enhance the creation of anime and cartoon characters. These courses not only develop artistic skills but also boost creativity, attention to detail, and the ability to bring imagination to life

cartoon & anime; character design.png

Illustration & Storytelling

Explore the art of storytelling in our unique class, where young artists team up with a professional artist and book writer to turn their personal stories into captivating books. This course takes students on a journey of writing, illustrating, and marketing their own creations, perfect for budding authors and illustrators.

Students will master artistic concepts like composition and perspective using diverse mediums, under the mentorship of experienced professionals. Writing and sharing their personal stories not only enhances their artistic skills but also fosters connections with those around them. It's a powerful way for students to express themselves and be understood by their peers and community.

Additionally, the culmination of this program is a special book release party, where students get to celebrate and share their published work with friends, family, and the gallery community. This event is not just a celebration but also an opportunity for students to experience the joy and accomplishment of seeing their creative visions come to life in print.

illustration and storytelling.png

Young Illustrator

Embark on an artistic adventure in our class designed for our youngest creators. Focused on fundamental shapes like squares, circles, and triangles, it's perfect for introducing art in a fun, engaging way. Using pencils, markers, and paints, children learn to combine basic shapes to create characters, clothing, and environments. This course builds foundational skills in shape recognition, proportion, and composition, with each lesson packed with creative activities. Ideal for fostering creativity, fine motor skills, and visual storytelling, it offers a nurturing space for kids to explore their imaginations. It's a delightful first step into the world of art, sparking a lifelong passion for creative expression.

young illustrators.png

Watercolor Program

This course teaches you to control watercolor paint, embracing its unique quality of revealing every decision from start to finish. Learn essential techniques like wet-on-wet, layering, and color mixing, along with understanding the history and materials of watercolor.

We guide you through building compositions, from light to dark, and creating various subjects like landscapes and still life. This class is perfect for all skill levels, whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your watercolor techniques.


Drop in Friendly Creative Workshop: Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media

A flexible, drop-in workshop at Bash & Design Gallery, perfect for those who can't commit to a regular program. Each Saturday, dive into a 2-hour session covering a range of artistic genres, from painting and drawing to clay sculpting. Ideal for beginners and intermediates, with personal project options for more advanced students post-evaluation.

In this collaborative environment, instructors and students work together to plan and create. Experiment with various mediums and techniques, guided by professional artists in small, personalized classes. Note: While drop-ins are welcome, projects may span multiple sessions for completion.

creative workshop (4).png

Intro Art for Video Game Creation

Explore the fusion of art and engineering in our new 'ArtGineering' program, a 2.5-hour camp-style class featuring Pokémon-themed projects. Collaborating with Engineering for Kids, students re-imagine and design Pokémon (or their own) characters (teacher's approval is required), delving into concept art and character evolution. The class evolves into story development and world-building, where creativity shapes every element, from characters to mystical items.

Transitioning into the engineering phase, students create a top-down style video game, learning digital pixel art and animation. This hands-on experience teaches them the intricacies of game development, from initial design to final animation.

Our 'ArtGineering' program is a unique blend of artistry and technology, providing a comprehensive insight into the world of video game creation.

video game.png

ArtGineering Academy: 2D to 3D Design!

Young artists and engineers will learn to combine their skills, mastering everything from 2D and 3D shape drawing to advanced techniques like perspective and shading. These skills lay the groundwork for creating detailed designs and plans, essential for 3D modeling with CAD software.

Students will also delve into color theory and painting techniques, bringing their 3D creations to vibrant life. This program is a creative journey into the world where art meets engineering, enhancing both artistic vision and technical prowess.

Artgineering 2D to 3D.png
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