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Student Art Exhibitions at Bash & Design Gallery

Co-owner & Founder, Kat with a student at the exhibition
Co-owner & Founder, Kat with her student

Hey there, it’s Kat from Bash & Design Gallery. I want to take you behind the scenes of something very close to our hearts: our student art exhibitions. They're not just events; they're celebrations of hard work, creative expression, and, most importantly, the remarkable journeys of our students.

Imagine the joy of seeing a piece of your soul displayed for the world to admire. That's what our exhibitions are about. They're a culmination of our students' dedication and a significant chapter in their artistic growth. There's something profoundly rewarding in watching our students—both young and adult—flourish with the recognition and encouragement these exhibitions offer.

Throughout the academic year, I observe our students transforming before my eyes, their skills blossoming with each stroke and sculpture. When it comes to exhibitions, we don't just pick any artwork; we choose pieces that represent their journey, the obstacles overcome, and their emerging strengths. Whether it’s the serene landscapes or the lively character designs, each piece has a story that our instructors know by heart.

As co-owner and founder of Bash & Design Gallery, I want to peel back the curtain on what it takes to bring our student art exhibitions to life. It's a journey that starts months in advance and involves much more than hanging artwork on walls.

Our staff dive deep into event planning, embarking on a mission to find the perfect venue that not only wows our visitors but also aligns with our studio's ethos. This quest is no small feat; it requires considering numerous factors like venue capacity, artwork placement, accessibility, and the overall vibe of the event. We aim to create a space where art and community seamlessly blend, offering an immersive experience for everyone involved.

Painting project at Spring art exhibition for students
Spring 2024 Art Exhibition

Selecting the right venue is like curating another piece of art. We look for that 'wow' factor—something that makes us all pause in appreciation. But it's more than just aesthetics. It's about finding a space that speaks to what we cherish at Bash & Design: community, accessibility, and a place where art feels at home. Our latest venue? It's a surprise I can hardly wait to unveil!

The costs associated with hosting these exhibitions are significant, and while ticket sales help cover a large portion, the remainder is an investment we make out of our own commitment to providing these enriching experiences. Every aspect of the event, from the safe transportation of artwork to creating the perfect ambiance with small bites, drinks, and music, is carefully budgeted to ensure sustainability and quality.

At each exhibition, you can see the proof not just in the awe-inspired gazes of our visitors but in the glowing pride of our students. When they stand beside their artwork, that's when you know. Those smiles, the quiet ‘aha’ moments—it’s pure magic. And for my more reserved students, I see it, that indelible mark of accomplishment, etched deep within.

Students exhibiting artwork at the recycling exhibition
Spring 2024 Art Exhibition

Here is a tip if you're a guest: Take a moment to engage with our young artists about their work. Go ahead, ask them what hurdles they overcame or what part of the process sparked their passion the most. Offer specific praises—highlight the vividness of a color, the emotion captured in a brushstroke, the boldness of a line. Steer clear of general accolades like "you’re so good," and here’s why: Art, like life, is a constant journey of learning and growing. When we label someone as "good," it might unintentionally discourage them from taking risks or venturing into uncharted creative territories. Our brains are funny like that; they'll weave every excuse to keep us in the comfort zone, away from growth’s edge.

A Tip for Our Exhibiting Students: As you stand beside your artwork, which may have come to life through step-by-step guidance, know that it represents so much more than just following instructions. It symbolizes your dedication, your ability to learn, and the personal touch you've infused into each piece. Your teachers chose this work because it showcases your progress, your attention to detail, and how you’ve embraced the techniques taught in class.

students' artwork at the winter exhibition
Winter 2023 Art Exhibition

During the exhibition, when someone stops to admire your work, share the journey. What aspect of the process did you enjoy the most? Maybe it was mixing colors to get the perfect shade or that moment when the image started to pop from the canvas. Talk about what challenged you and how you overcame it. These stories give life to your artwork and allow others to see it through your eyes.

If you're a part of these beautiful moments... Come for the art, stay for the camaraderie, the music, and maybe a little dancing too. Remember, if you’re chatting with one of our artists, ask about their creative process—specific praise goes a long way! And if you've been thinking, "Maybe I could be part of this?"—whether as a student or a collaborator—reach out. Our doors (and emails) are always open. Send us a note at Let's create something beautiful together.

students and parents dancing at the winter exhibition
Winter 2022 Art Exhibition


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