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A Day in the Life at Bash & Design Summer Art Camp

Welcome to the Bash & Design Summer Art Camp! We understand you might feel a little nervous on your first day, wondering what to expect. Just imagine this place as a canvas, where you can splash your own colors and create something beautiful every day. We're here to guide you, inspire you, and show you how fun and exciting art can be!

Examples of artwork from students during Summer Art Camp
Painting and sculpting projects from students during Summer Art Camp

At Bash & Design Art Studio and Gallery, summer is not just a season; it’s a celebration of creativity and learning, where every child is encouraged to express their unique artistic vision. Our team, brimming with enthusiasm and ideas, meticulously plans every camp day to ensure it's enriching, engaging, and above all, fun for everyone.

Immersive Creative Sessions

Our camp sessions last for three hours each, offering a perfect balance of structure and freedom. Here, painting is our primary activity, filling most of our days with vibrant colors and expressive strokes, except on days like Drawing Day, where we explore the world of lines and shades. And while painting is our mainstay, we dive into various mediums and techniques, ensuring a rich and varied experience. We create a nurturing environment where you can explore, learn, and grow, transforming nervous energy into creative excitement. 

Nourishing Body and Mind

We understand the energy required for artistic endeavors, so we provide a complimentary snack (including fruits, pretzels, and goldfish) to keep our campers fueled. Art is not just a physical activity but a mental challenge that can significantly affect the brain, enhancing cognitive function and creative thinking. Encouraging campers to bring an additional peanut-free snack ensures they have the sustained energy needed for their creative journey.

Expert Guidance and Personal Discovery

Our professional instructors are central to the camp experience, offering demonstrations of new techniques and sharing personal insights into the creative process. We cater to all types of learners: those who hang onto every word and those who prefer to absorb the experience more casually. Each child’s development is unique, and we cherish the spontaneous moments of learning and self-discovery that occur throughout the camp.

student with drawing project of an owl during Summer Art Camp
Drawing during Summer Art Camp

A Week of Artistic Exploration at Summer Art Camp

Our camp offers a diverse weekly schedule, introducing kids to various artistic genres and mediums:

  • Monday's Painting Art Book Experience – We kickstart the week with hands-on exploration of different art materials and genres, setting the tone for a week full of discovery.

  • Tuesday's Drawing Camp – Focused on drawing techniques, kids learn about perspective, still life, figure, and portrait drawing using materials like charcoal, graphite, and pastels.

  • Wednesday and Thursday’s Two-Day Projects – These days are dedicated to comprehensive projects that deepen the campers' engagement with their art, allowing them to explore and integrate various techniques and mediums (mostly painting, or combined mediums).

  • Friday’s Mixed Media with Clay & Paint – The week concludes with a focus on mixed media, particularly clay, enabling kids to experiment with texture and form, and express their creativity in tangible ways.

Beyond Art: Building Social Skills and Independence

Break times are lively intervals for play, challenges, and socializing, underscoring the importance of interpersonal skills and peer interaction. While we note the shift in dynamics when gadgets are present, our aim is to create a balanced environment where children can engage with each other and their surroundings, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.We believe in the immersive power of art and encourage a tech-free environment to foster imagination and social interaction. While we understand that gadgets might come along, we recommend they are used minimally, ensuring that creativity and camaraderie are at the forefront of the camp experience.

Introducing the Specialty Afternoon Camp

This year, we're excited to introduce the Specialty Afternoon Camp, designed for students with a serious passion for art or older kids who grasp concepts quickly. These specialty sessions, available on a selective schedule, offer an intensive, focused environment for advanced artistic exploration.

In these camps, students engage deeply with their projects, sometimes spanning three to four days, working on large-format pieces with intricate details. It’s an ideal setting for those who prefer fewer breaks and more immersive creative work, under the guidance of professional artists.

Full-Day Fulfillment

For full-day campers, a 45-minute lunch break in our designated area offers a time for rest, nourishment, and relaxation, often play time and family-friendly entertainment, ensuring a well-rounded day.

End-of-Day Pride and Tidiness

Our camp days conclude with children taking responsibility for cleaning their spaces, a practice we hope extends to their homes. The sense of accomplishment and pride in maintaining a tidy workspace is a valuable life skill we are keen to instill.

As children leave, tired yet inspired, we are reminded of the intensive nature of artistic creation. Art may seem effortless to the observer, but it requires significant mental and physical investment, a testament to the hard work and dedication of both campers and instructors.

Join us at Bash & Design Summer Art Camp for a journey of artistic exploration, personal growth, and fun, creating memories that last a lifetime. Discover the joy of art in an environment that nurtures creativity, builds skills, and fosters lifelong friendships.


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