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Art Programs During Summer

Welcome to Bash & Design Gallery's Summer Art Programs! Whether you're seizing the summer to dive into your artistic passions or continuing your journey from the spring, our programs cater to everyone. Tailored for children ages 5 to 17 and adults, we're located at 215 and South Buffalo, offering a vibrant setting to enhance your creativity. Our summer sessions are 1.5 to 2 hours long, providing the perfect blend of instruction and practice. Join our creative family this summer for an enriching artistic experience. While drop-ins are welcome, a full-term commitment is encouraged to fully immerse in and benefit from our artistic community.

Maximize Your Artistic Potential with Multiple Programs (*works as sibling discount)

Enroll into 2 Programs, Get 10% off

Enroll into 3 or more, Get 15% off

Summer 2024 DROP-IN Discounts :

2 or more, Get 5% off

What to do next?
Scroll through our schedule (organized Monday-Saturday)
Find the program, time and age group that suits you
Click "More Info" for description and registration
Select enrollment by Semester where monthly payments are available
or by Drop in where you pay by each class. 

Semester rates get automatically prorated. The pricing you see always reflects the current rate for the remainder of the program.


Pricing: $50 per session when you sign up for the entire program,

$55 per class without commitment | Art supplies & Snacks Included

Please note that our semester per session pricing has not changed. We have incorporated the "Semester Material Fee" into the program cost instead of having it as a "required add-on fee," allowing it to be included in the payment installment plan.

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