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Please register in advance. Monthly payment plans available when you  register for the full year! Discounted "Packs" available!

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As small business owners we ask you to please place your bookings from our website (once you click "more info" it will redirect you to our third party booking system, which is okay! BUT the initial source must be our website, or else we get charged a very high fee. We really appreciate your support! 


For the monthly payment plan: please select your class, and choose "semester". You will then be asked if you'd like to pay in full or have monthly installments. 


Questions you might have!

How do I register for a class?

Your first step is to scroll up, then click “more info” on the class you’re interested in. Please read through the description as this will explain everything in detail.

Next step is to pick a “class” which will give you the price of the whole (semester) program or “drop in” if you want to try the class first. It will then give you an option to register. If you have any questions please call/text 702-742-1110


Not so sure about commiting to a full year & would like to try it out first??

Start with a monthly membership first or choose the drop in option! You can always make the switch later.

How much are your classes?

The best way to find out the exact price of YOUR program is by visiting our website. We offer many payment options that cannot be listed in one short paragraph. However, here are the options you can choose from: Drop in starts at $45-$47 per session; when you enroll into full year your class rate lowers to about $38-$41 per session. Please visit our website for membership pricing and payment installments (for payment installments you must select the class, then proceed to choosing a payment option in order to see the breakdown).

What if something comes up and I have to withdraw from the payment installment plan mid year?

We are a family owned art studio and we understand things happen. The payment installments can be cancelled at any time. Please visit & click on the link "Missing Days & Cancellation Policy" at the bottom of our website or in any program info for more details.

Do I have to attend every session of the year long program?

Consistency is key! Absolutely, but if you have to miss a few sessions that is okay! We have a year long curriculum (August - May). At our studio we provide educational classes and most projects take more than one session. Additionally, every new skill that you learn is utilized during your next project. If this doesn't work for you, we do have pop up classes such as Art Camps or Art nights!

Do I have to pay for the entire year upfront?

That is up to you! You have an option to select a monthly payment plan. Make your first deposit at the checkout (deposit is part of your yearly total) & the rest of the installments are scheduled automatically until April! Super easy & YOU SAVE the most by signing up for the entire year!

What is a Drop in?

 A drop in session, means you’re coming in for one single session. It is a great way to check out one of our classes and to see if this is something you would like to commit to for the entire semester/program. Reservation in advance is always required, it is the only way to make sure you have a spot.


What is a class/semester?

A period of time for our art programs. August-May to match regular school year & Summer season

"I have viewed your programs…but what if I or my kids want to work on our own project?" 

All current or those previously enrolled students can take "Open Studio" class! 

 That is the main goal of ours! We want you to create your own artwork, however we want to make sure you have all the tools and skills to achieve this! Just like any sport our instructors are here to guide you and show you techniques that you will be able to utilize when working on your own artwork. That is why each project we have planned for you to work on is key to becoming a better version of yourself! We don’t want you to become a master of copying, we want you to become an artist who is confident in what they create! A lot of times during our courses you get to practice on the projects of your choice, we are here to expand your imagination and harness the raw skill each and every one of you possess!


Do you have free trial class?

Unfortunately we do not, because we value the time of our instructors & we provide all of the necessities, which includes art supplies, snacks and most importantly the environment! You do have an option to sign up for a drop in class to check it out! You are welcome to contact us to see what class you should try based on your needs!


How do I save money?

We don't offer sibling discounts... We offer something BETTER! Register for four or more drop ins and receive 5% off. If you're registering for more than one program, an automatic discount of 10% off applies to your entire order at checkout! Register for four or more programs & receive 15% off!


What are fundamentals? 

It’s the core or foundation to any medium and style! If you are wondering where to start this is the class to take! You will get to learn and practice different techniques, genres, and styles. Learn all of the necessary skills that will help you become a better artist. (Our program includes working with pencil and paint; working on landscape, composition, still life etc.(please click more info for class detail).


We get this question a lot “What are we making?”

Please consider that our art programs are not like “paint and sip” or single session art projects, which means that each class we are practicing a technique through creating a panting, working on canvas or paper.  In some programs, a part of the class can consist of working on landscape, then floral, then creating a cube. Every project that we work on has a purpose and you are here to learn that way over time you can create a beautiful masterpiece on your own! 


Do I need to bring art supplies?

The only thing we ask for is a 9x12 sketchbook! We provide all of the professional grade supplies so you don’t have to! Just wait until you see our easels!


Can I stay with my child?

Unfortunately we do not allow spectators, think of our classes as school. We want to make sure your little artist gets to learn on their own. Additionally, from our very own experience we have noticed that our kids get extremely distracted when other’s parents are present, so it's important to us that everyone gets the best experience.    

If you believe that your child can’t stay by themselves during one of our classes then unfortunately  we are probably not the right studio for your little artist. We apologize, we do host family days that you can participate in! check our "classes for fun schedule"


Can my child join an older group?

It is possible! Just ask, if you are one of our current/previous students we can make a suggestion. If you are new please register for the age appropriate group, our instructors will then evaluate if a student should be transfered.

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