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Fall Semester 2023 | Art Exhibition

Welcome to the Bash & Design Gallery's Winter Art Showcase 2023 at the stunning LA Furniture Land showroom. This year, we're thrilled to present an exhibition that redefines the traditional art experience, blending creativity with interior elegance.

The Art of Space: Seeing Art in a New Light

Art isn't just about what's on the canvas; it's about how it complements and enhances the space around it. This exhibition challenges the conventional gallery setting by showcasing our students' artwork amid exquisite, custom furniture at LA Furniture Land. Here, you'll witness the dynamic interplay between art and furniture, observing how each piece of art transforms and is transformed by its surroundings.


A Canvas of Diversity: Decorative and Fine Art

Our showcase features a range of art types, from decorative to fine art. Decorative art, known for its utility and aesthetics, often adorns and complements spaces, while fine art, celebrated for its intrinsic beauty and expressive power, invites contemplation and emotional connection. As you explore the exhibition, we challenge you to identify which pieces represent which art form, offering a unique perspective on how art interacts with and enhances its environment.

Why LA Furniture Land?

Choosing LA Furniture Land as our venue was deliberate. It’s a place where the fusion of art and furniture creates an immersive experience, allowing our students to see how their creations fit into real-world settings. This insight is invaluable, as it helps them understand the importance of style, color, and meaning in art. Thanks to Serj's generosity, our students have this unique opportunity to showcase their work in a space that exemplifies how art and furniture can coexist beautifully and meaningfully.

Celebrating Growth and Aspiration

This Winter Exhibition is a semi-annual showcase that holds great significance for our artists. For some, it’s their debut in the world of art exhibitions, serving as a significant motivational milestone. It allows all participants, whether new this Fall Semester or returning, to reflect on their progress and aspire for future growth.


The Heart of the Showcase:

Our Students The highlight of the exhibition is undoubtedly the moment our students present their artwork to friends and family. This proud display of their achievements is what they eagerly anticipate, and it's a moment that truly encapsulates the essence of our community at Bash & Design Gallery.


We invite you to visit LA Furniture Land during the exhibition period from December 17th to January 6th. Remember to mention Bash & Design Gallery for a $100 gift voucher towards LA Furniture Land, enhancing your experience as you explore the beautiful interplay of art and furniture.

Located at 2000 S. Rainbow Blvd, Ste 15
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Gallery from the event
Fall Semester 2023 | Art Exhibition | Dec 16 - Jan 8th

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