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We offer art courses that do not require previous experience, our instructors are there to guide you through your art adventure.

Our group training system is combined with an individual approach, allowing students to obtain high-quality knowledge and skills.


At Bash & Design Gallery you will be able to learn the fundamentals of art, unleash your creative potential and determine the direction of your artistic journey. In each class or program you will practice different painting techniques such as composition, brushwork, color mixing and more.

Already know how to paint or wishing to restore and improve existing skills? No problem, our artists love working with fellow artists! Bash & Design Gallery is all about good energy and a judgment free environment. We want to make you feel like you’re at home!

Bash & Design Gallery art programs are designed for the development of child’s artistic abilities, imagination and abstract thinking. We help them obtain the fundamentals of art and if given an opportunity, master the basics if they continue their education with us. Our goal is to help kids reveal their talent and creativity while making their fantasies come to life so they feel like a real artist!



At Bash & Design Gallery all of our classes and programs are aimed at developing creative abilities, acquiring skills to work with paints, canvas, clay and pencil. Little artists get to learn about color theory, different art techniques, the magic of mixing colors and more.

By taking art classes kids will receive not only the basic knowledge and skills of art, but will also improve memory and attention, fine motor skills, develop imagination, speech and enhanced cognitive thinking!

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