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Artist Club membership is great for those who want to learn the fundamentals of art, unleash their creative potential and determine the direction of their artistic journey. In each class or program you will practice different painting techniques such as composition, brushwork, color mixing and more.

The membership is a great tool for exploring a new or hidden talent and why not save a TON of money while doing it! (You can take 2 programs valued at $156 each, 1 Interior Class valued at $55 and 1 regular class at $40 and you will save $107!)*

Click "Join the Club" for more information and terms & conditions

Already know how to paint or wishing to restore and improve existing skills? No problem, our artists love working with fellow artists! Bash & Design Gallery is all about good energy and a judgement free environment. We want to make you feel like you’re at home!

Artist Club for Kids only applies to series of Artist Club Classes

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Very Important! Please read.

We are currently working on improving our membership system, if you are trying to apply your membership credit towards any art programs (more than 1 session programs) please email us at or call us at 702-413-6683 so we can add you into that program. The current system only allows single session bookings towards your membership. We apologize for any inconvenience!