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Big heART Donations was created shortly after our opening. Being a local family we noticed how much emotional and financial hardship our community has gone through, especially when it comes to families with children. What all of us have lived through will never be forgotten, however, it also showed us that we as a community can come together and come out stronger than before! 

As a family owned business we want to try and do our best when it comes to helping our local community, but being a new small business there is only so much we can do to keep our doors open during these times and help others, so we need your help!

We can all agree that this last year took a mental toll on so many people especially kids, and it breaks our hearts to hear parents talk about it. What we can tell you is that they are trying to do everything in their power to find a way to keep their kids in a positive state of mind and for some, our art studio has been that place. Watching kids getting lost in the world of art has been heartwarming and very encouraging for the parents. Hearing them say I can't wait to come back or want to sign up for more programs, is reassuring that we are doing something amazing. BUT witnessing parents struggle to provide what their child wants due to financial hardship is heartbreaking.

That is why we need your help! Currently our family came up with a collection of artwork for sale so that 75% of the proceeds will go towards classes for kids! Additionally, we will be starting a program where kids will be able to create their own art and sell it through our Bash & Design Gallery Shop ( check out our instagram @bashanddesign_artshop ) to make income for themselves to make sure they can continue their art journey. 


Thank you so much for your time! Below we provided a link of how you or someone you know can help! If you have seen our art studio and have been curious as to how you can help here is your chance! 

You can be anonymous or please let us know who you are that way we can put you as one of our sponsors/donors, because you are making a huge difference in our Art Community! 

Once we receive your kind donation, we will email You a certificate of sponsorship/donation
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Nominate a little artist who would love to join our art family!

Fill out this form to nominate!

Thank You for thinking of them! Make sure to follow us on social media for updates!

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